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    Exclamation I'm new and need some help

    I'm new to, not just SUSE, but Linux(.) I saw the link to the newbie guide However it's asking for information, I choose not to make public, or or known. So What I'm asking is if anyone knows a really good newbie user guide, and possibly some videos.

    Also, Any info on running a game server for Source SDK games.

    Lastly, something I'm curious about right now, is what the
    -whatever else

    expressions mean

    Thanks, and Mods/Admins if I have posted in the wrong place, I apologize.

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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    Can you give more information about where you saw the -h and -f used? Were they used with Linux commands?

    If so, you can check for some quick and easy lessons on using the command line under Linux, and you can check each command for the various options on using the command. Most new Linux users prefer to stick to the GUI and don't get that involved with the command line, and distros like OpenSuse make it pretty easy to avoid the command line for the most part.

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    Ozar is right. In order to explain what those options mean, you would have to let the forum users know what you were trying to run because while -h might mean something like "help" in one command, it might mean something entirely different in another.

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    If you are talking about commands, they are called switches and they modify the behaviour of the command in some way. As has been stated how a switch (-h for example) modifies the behaviour of a command depends on which command you are running.

    Following the -h example,

    Open a terminal and run these commands:


    That command shows you haw much disk space you have but it's not that readable so running

    df -h

    will produce something a bit more readable. Now, don't run the following commands unless you want to turn your computer back on afterwards

    sudo shutdown now

    will bring the computer into single user mode ready for maintenance but

    sudo shutdown -h now

    will halt the computer (ie turn it off)

    The easiest way to find out what the switches do is to run commandname --help and if you want more information then you can run man commandname.
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