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    Newbie needing hopefully unusual advice

    Hi everyone,

    I have done a few searches but most similar questions deal with older computers or experienced users. Since I am completely new to Linux, here goes:

    I've recently got rid of my camera and now have a 8GB compact flash card lying around and i was wondering if there is a suitable distro of Linux that would be relatively easy to install on this?

    The only experiences I've had with Linux was when I installed Mint on my old laptop and saw the potential of having a lighter OS. This coupled with my odd fascination with those built-in fast boot stripped down OS has made me wonder if I might be able to find a distro that is small but has a GUI to help me learn Linux while I use it for my daily browsing.

    My system is only 1.5 years old and there's no worries with specs on that side. The only issue might be the compact flash. It's an old 133x part going via a CF-to-IDE card so I was hoping that there might be something that would use the drive for any persistent data and programs but boot the actual OS into RAM?

    Any help is greatly appreciated as I'm hoping learning Linux by being forced to do something strange but not too difficult will make it all the more enjoyable!


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    You could try Puppy. That's small enough to run in RAM and it has a nice GUI.
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    Thanks very much for your replies

    hazel - I had a look at Puppy and it does look promising. I'm going to assume that I need to install the "frugal" version but I'm going to have to find out if it runs well from the same HDD to which it would write the persistent data. Would you happen to know if Puppy has any Linux-education tools that I can use to learn more? Thanks!

    arochester - thank you for the interesting read. It was somewhat like the other various forum posts I read where the CF card is being used in an old machine as a cheap SSD. My CF card is an old Kingston with quite a low max read speed of 25MB/sec which I think would be too slow to run as a daily machine. However, I did find it interesting that the user later stress tested this set up and had no failures to report - this was the reason I wanted a distro that would load into RAM in the first place

    Thanks again for the suggestions and if you have any more, keep them coming! I'd like to try out a few over the Xmas holiday period while I redo my Windows install...

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