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    Linux Boot problem Kernel Panic -- Please Help

    Hi, I booted up my server today end I'm getting a Kernel panic error. This is the message shown on the screen:

    Call Trace:
    [<f88a4367>] ext3_dx_find_entry+0x6a/Ox1d4 [ext3]
    [<cOlac647>] avc_has_perm_nodudit+Ox8d/Oxda
    [<c015bdf4>] bh_wake_function+0x0/0x29
    [<f88a4029>] ext3_find_entry+Ox8f/0x363 [ext3]
    [<cOlad795>] inode_has_perm+Ox4c/0x54
    [<c02dfbla>] cond_resched+Ox14/0x39
    [<f88a44f0>] ext3_lookup+Oxlf/Ox87 [ext3]
    [<c0166591>] real_lookup+0x6e/Oxd2
    [<c01667ae>] do_lookup+0x56/0x8f
    [<c0166fef>] __Iink_path_walk+Ox808/0xbb5
    [<cOlac6cf>] avc_has_perm+0x3b/0x48
    [<c01673df>] link_path_walk+Ox43/0xbe
    [<c0174b19>] sys_mount+Oxff/Ox108
    [<c0167774>] path_lookup+0x14b/0x17f
    [<c01678bc>] __user_wallk+0x21/0x51
    [<c0159e04>] sys_access+0x8f/Ox134
    [<c0174b19>] sys_mount+Oxff/Ox108
    [<c02e15c7>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb
    Code: Oc 29 dO 83 e8 18 cl e8 03 39 cl 74 29 68 30 e8 8a f8 68 7d 01 00 00 68 74
    e8 8a f8 68 c0 d9 8a f8 68 84 e8 8a f8 e8 ec ef 87 c7 <Of> Ob 7d 01 74 e8 8a f8
    83 c4 14 Of b7 5e 02 85 db 74 07 Of b7
    <O>Fatal exception: panic in 5 seconds
    Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception
    Is there any way of fixing this error and returning back to normal?

    Please help and thanks in advance.
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    try booting into single user mode and see if that helps

    i'm not an expert, and my best guess is that its having some difficulty with the filesystem based on the stack calls for ext, mounting, walking path, etc

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    This often happens when you do a kernel upgrade

    I always try to think what was I last doing on the server

    What have I changed recently usually in /boot or /etc/fstab

    You need to go to rescue mode and then have a look at major files and maybe an fsck

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