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    Linux OS for financial

    I need a linux OS, and from the many different ones out there, I can't decide which so, i need someone to halp meh. these are the specs

    1. As of now, I will be using linux for stock/options/futures/etc trading, and other financial reasons ONLY. Later, I might use it for education purposes as well.

    2. Gaming and audio and all that **** is out of the way, I don't care about art or games or your normal **** so Puredyne linux or CentOS and the like is already out.

    3. I plan to dual boot so, if i need to play games or watch movies or other uses, I'll use windows. Financial and heavy use of charts and statistics is what i need linux for, i don't care about anything else, although a linux mediacenter never hurts.

    4. this will be on a laptop, a fairly powerful one though. (4g ram DDR3 Intel core 2 duo processor, 512 mb graphics, 320 gb hard drive, 9 cell battery, runs vista currently, from dell). with that HDD, i really don't care how big or small the linux distro is, as long as it's effeciant.

    tl;dr, i need a linux distro that's easy to use and optimized for stuff like math/education, charts and graphing, finance/business, and perhaps security.

    WHAT do you recommend me?

    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the forum. Go to, and use the search tool. They can narrow down the search to scientific, high performance, and other options. I didn't see one specifically for financial, but depending on what you want to do, the high performance or scientific should b e able to number crunch for you. They have hundreds of different distro's to choose from, and a brief descripotion of each.
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    I have a reasonable amount of experience in the financial trading industry (2 years developing risk ananlysis software for the options trading industry in Chicago) and most servers currently used by trading companies are (sic) derivatives of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, such as CentOS (the most popular). For front-end systems used by traders, most are Windows systems that communicate with the Linux back-end servers, which do the heavy lifting. The client systems only are user interfaces, and a lot of them use Qt to implement their trading software, so it can be ported easily to many other operating systems, such as Fedora and Ubuntu, both popular systems in the trading industry. The company I worked for used Fedora mostly for non-Windows trading systems and development, though we also used BSD.

    So, from my perspective, most any current Linux distribution will suit you well. If you are developing back-end systems, use CentOS for its stability. For a laptop such as you say you will use, then go with a more current distribution such as Ubuntu or Fedora. Myself, I would wait a month or so and go with (or at least evaluate) CentOS 6 (derived from RHEL 6) which is a much more current distribution than CentOS 5, yet most likely more reliable than Fedora 14 or Ubuntu 10.10. Personally, I'm waiting to try it out on my Dell laptop, which is currently running both Ubuntu 9.04 (production) and 10.10 (testing).
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    linux to finance

    I would go ubuntu due to the fact that I've tried kubuntu and wasn't stuck on it but I've seen ubuntu from 7 and there's been many great improvements, I even took off W7 off my laptop and put ubuntu 10 on it tyo see how runs and its great I do not understand Microsoft of all these years and still no stable O/S.

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    I will suggest you to go for latest version of Ubuntu OR CentOS, both are good in all the purposes.

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