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    cant connect to internet

    hi i just installed lunix mint 10 today and im new to the linux system (hoping to stay away from windows) but i couldnt configure my internet connections

    my internet is a sbc yahoo dsl service. my pc is connected to a 2wire dsl gateway modem through a usb port. I think it is using a PPPoE connection type that requires a username and password. my pc is dual boot with windows pro and linux mint 10 in diff partition.

    After a successful linux mint installation, i went to connection manager and under "wired" only "eth03" (which is ethernet right?) is listed but not the "2wire gateway USB" which is the name of the usb device connected to the pc. ----- so maybe lunix did not detect the device? There is also a "DSL" and "VRN" thing next to "wired" but i dont know what these things are.

    Sorry i'm fairly new to linux and even still new to windows xp. hope you guys can help me out.

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    i am having some what of the same problem.i do not get it is 2010-2011.and these os systems.are still crap.i have tried-ubuntu and linux.cant get my cell i can do the internet.i do not know.if something is missing..from the os disc.we get.i do not know.and no one on these sites.will help you.they all feel that they are above you..same thing with win vista and 7-everything works.on windows xp failures..but i would like to learn linux and get away from microsoft-os..crap ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by male1952 View Post
    i do not know.and no one on these sites.will help you.they all feel that they are above you.
    Have you ever thought about the possibility that maybe no one knows the answer or the person(s) that do have not come across your post for one reason or another? I for one have never worked with a USB internet connection and thus haven't replied. But to a remark such as yours, well lets say you attract more bees with honey then vinegar. The same could be said for help epically if it is free.

    To the OP does your DSL modem have an ethernet port?
    Have you tried to GOOGLE for your answer?


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    making a point

    the ones that know-think they are to good or above you to help and the ones that do not know.come at you with a smart mouth.every one has attitude-on these sites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by male1952 View Post
    ..every one has attitude-on these sites.
    Happy new year male1952!

    It was my parents who taught me to be very careful when I criticize. Not my english teacher.

    So kindly stop generalizing and say "every one". I humbly suggest you use the word "most people" if you feel you really have to.

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    LF is my only forum because I found something different here. You seldom see flamewars or derisive comments. It is a place of help from people of common interests who want to contribute to a community.
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