I have a small issue, i have two systems, both have windows 7 on it.

System A has windows 7
ip address:

vmware workstation 7.x installed on it.
within the vmware installation, i have installed centos 5.5 x64bit

it boots fine, i can login to it play around with linux etc.
i can ping which is verizon's dns server.
I can surf the net with the firefox i installed on there (32bit)

vmware networking is setup as NAT for this Centos Installation.

System B has again windows 7 installed on it with putty.
ip address:

Problem: i cannot putty into the vmware centos installation cause the ip octet different, its like

how can i accomplish it so that my different laptops can connect to my centos on vmware installation successfully?

I hope i didnt jumble up too much there....

Many thanks in advance for everyones support!