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    find a pattern not followed by another pattern


    I have a big file (over a thousand records) e.g.:

    store id: A
    store id: B
    store id: C
    store id: D
    store id: E

    And for instance in the above example "store id: C" was not followed by the "Processing..." pattern, so I konw "store id: C" was not processed. Is there a one liner that I can use (preferably grep since I am most familiar with) to extract "store id: C" (or stores that are not followed by the "Processing..." pattern?

    Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.



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    Not with grep. grep only supports POSIX regular expressions and extended regular expressions.

    What you are looking for is called a negative lookahead assertion. It is basically a zero-length match that asserts that something does not exist. For instance (using Perl syntax):
    This matches any instance of 'A' that is NOT immediately followed by 'B'. It does not match the character following 'A' (hence this is a zero-length match).

    Perl and Ruby both support these, as do Vim regular expressions. I'm sure that they are supported elsewhere as well.

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