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    Another newbie with a Samba Issue..Sorry but I need help.

    I'm running RedHat 8.0 and a win2K machine by themselves on a small network in order to get Samba up and running. I've configured the samba config file (about 20 times now) and I'm pretty sure that it is as it should be. I can ping the Win2K box via IP and machine name from my Linux box.
    Problem: My windows machine can ping the ip of the Linux box but not the machine name. I set the Linux box to emulate a WINS server in the samba config file. In my win2k box I configured the WINS and now I can see my linux box from win2k's browser (the machine name only, I can't see shares) also if I reboot my win2k machine it seems to log into the new workgroup and authenticate through the Linux box but I loose sight of the Linux box on my Win2k machine..weird.

    I also configured an LMHOSTS file on my win2k machine which does allow me to ping the Linux box by name but when I try to connect to a share on it, it comes back and says that the path or machine could not be found.

    Samba seems to be relatively easy to set up but something is not right here.

    Any suggestions, I can list my settings in the samba config file if need be.

    Thank you all for your help. Without people like you, windoz users would never be able to leave the dark side.


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    Try running "nmblookup \*" on the linux box and see if its IP address is listed. Then try "smbclient -L <name>", where <name> is the name you gave the linux box, and see if it sees the shares. That will help isolate the root of the problem.

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    try this command: smbclient -L <ipaddress>
    does that work?
    if you cant login, did you make a user for root on the win2k machine, if u didnt do so, it make things easier

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