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    Question Help choosing a distro

    Hi folks,
    I am having some trouble picking a distro to run under vmware in windows. I need a minimal linux distro without a gui, but with all the gnu tools, viM, bash, a good package manager that will take care of dependencies, it should also be pretty standard because I am going to use this to program in python3 and learn linux. Thanks.

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    AntiX Core Iso
    is one choice. Other members will chime in with others.
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    I would say do a Debian netinstall

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrNick1013 View Post
    I would say do a Debian netinstall
    I'd either go with a Ubuntu minimal install (as on the alternate CD) or the Debian Net install (both are pretty similar).
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    You could try Arch Linux, which requires you to build your own GUI, but since you don't want the GUI, that doesn't matter.

    I would also recommend some of the Red Hat Distro's or Oracle Solaris, both and all of its derivatives are really good. Fedora, CentOS, & Scientific Linux or the big man himself Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

    Not that there is anything wrong with Ubuntu or Debian, but really a preference for what you know & like. Even Mint Linux is supposedly really good. Never used it myself.

    I also guarantee, being recently converted to Linux that once you find the distro you like you will have no desire to use Windows again, unless its for PC Games. But you probably already know this. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrNick1013 View Post
    I would say do a Debian netinstall
    I agree with you. I think that it is a good Debian net install.

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    Ubuntu Server or Debian netinst.

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