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    Not able to ssh to one machine from another

    Hi All,

    I am currently connected to a cloud. I have got a set of 3 machines on cloud which I need to access. I am able to connect to one of the machines using the .ppk file provided by my friend.

    Now I need to to ssh from the first machine to the other two machines and finally need to established relation between these 3 machines to that I ssh from any machine to any machine.

    I am able to ping the other two machines using their Private IP but not their public IP. Similarly if I am trying to ssh from one machine to another getting below error :- Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic)

    Can anyone help me out to do that. This is a urgent business requirement. I would really appreciate any help in this regard.


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    on each server you create server key
    then if you want each server to access all others
    you need to exchange pub keys between all and your home box as well

    make sure you have proper hostname configured on each server to assure each key has a unique host identification to keep your mind clear and avoid confusion!!!

    the hostname usually is included clear in the key string for later clarification/verification if u need to change/delete/renew keys
    for example you name official host

    then all pubkeys have that host ID in clear language included

    then for transparency in your server connections
    you create a bash alias with SAME name as above
    and in the alias file you configure the IPs and connection details for each server

    hence later to connect to any server from any server you have the alias
    connecting to correct server
    and to further clarify - use BEE technique (honey bee hives are color coded at the entry)
    use different COLOR for each server prompt, to allow instant recognition of each server by its color as well.
    there will / may be times where you are tired and still need to work on remote servers ... on the right one.

    btw I use exactly above for my 3 servers since many years.

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