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    wifi USB Dongle (Driver) Help Needed

    Edit: Justrealized this should be in Wireless Internet... My bad, got over anxious at maybe finally getting help.

    I recently bought a Cantenna and a Wifi USB Dongle with RPSMA So I could attatch the Cantenna to it via that.

    The Usb Dongle advertised support for linux... I can get signals of many AP's, but I can't connect to any of them...

    The USB I bought was

    300M USB Wireless LAN Adapter WIFI 802.11n/g/b Antenna (link can be provided, but I don't have enough posts to put it in here... )

    I don't think the driver works and to be honest I'm a complete noob at Linux Pretty Much. Running Ubuntu 10.10 At the moment, forget what Kernel (Not on it while posting this, If I was I wouldn't be here cause I'd have internet!!)

    I googled the Driver, Rtl8192SU and came up with

    For a fix on the problem (I think) And the person I bought it from linked me to the Drivers Page Of Realtek

    (Once again have link but can't post Without 15 posts first...)

    But that download doesn't work for me and I wouldn't know where to begin anyway...

    Are there any kind souls here that can help me finally have internet... ??

    Everytime I get close something messes it up and I don't get it, my family is to poor to pay for internet, we don't even have cell phones or cable. Please Help Me and much thanks to any who try in advance

    TBH, I'd even be ok with someone telling my a linux distro this works on without having to mess around with ****, then I'd just download and install that... I just want internet!!!
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    First, most every Linux-supported WiFi adapter has just seemed to work for me under Ubuntu. All I've usually had to do was go to the Network Manager icon on the top panel (looks like a radiating antenna) and then select my desired access point from those listed. I then typically get queued for the WEP or WPA2 key if one is set for the SSID.

    Linux, including Ubuntu, seems much more concerned with the chipset in use than the actual make and model of the device. I'm not sure what this Cantenna is that you speak of though. If you plug in your USB WiFi dongle, and then run "lsusb" from a terminal window, you should see your device. If you see nothing, then either your USB port or the dongle may be malfunctioning. If you run "dmesg" right after you plug in the device, it should be at or near the end of the list.

    Once you know the chipset, you might try running "sudo modprobe <chipsetname>" to load the driver. As an example, at the prompt $, "sudo modprobe r818x" for the Realtek r8187 chipset.

    Hope this helps you out.


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