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Thread: Cloud Computing

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    Cloud Computing

    Hello everyone!

    Well, I'm just a very newbie with this Linux stuff and is assigned by our project manager to study around with this thing. My assignment is to make his given Cloud Server as a Web Server. Can someone give me an Idea on how to do this? Please., My deadline is on Thursday. please..


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    So are you new to administration/servers etc. in general or just linux in specific?

    So do you have an actual physical computer or when you say "cloud server" you mean you have some thing like an amazon ec2, , , , or something along those lines rented out?

    If you do have a "cloud server" rented out what you will have to do is connect to it remotely, probably via ssh. IF you don't know what ssh is, it basically lets get remote access to a machine in a terminal window. The connection between you and the remote machine is encrypted. SSH is like telnet, only encrypted. Once you get remote access to your machine you set it up as a web server.

    If you do have a remote server, do you know what distro it is running?
    If not running the command
    uname -a
    from a terminal window will give some output with the distro name buried somewhere there.

    If your a newb and even if your server is not rented from you may want to check out the linode library: .

    Linux web servers are often called LAMP servers. LAMP meaning Linux Apache Mysql PhP. On on the left hand side you may want to read "Linux System administration Basics" and "Build a Lamp Server".

    A few things:

    On the Linux systems you have various user accounts, the most important is root and it is very dangerous if someone unwanted gets access to the root password, since if a machine has an ssh server for you to connect to it, anyone with the root password has near full control over the machine. Some providers have a default root password on a server so you may want to change it after getting ssh access.

    You may also want to create a second user account since even you running as root can be dangerous, and you can really mess some things up.

    If your not comfortable by using only the terminal you could spend some time setting up a Graphical environment.

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