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    Firefox question

    As I could not get an answer at, I thought I would seek help here. As I was never able to connect to the Internet using my external modem (In Ubuntu), after trying dozens of recommendations from various Linux forums, I have been forced to use Windows XP to go online. I just installed Firefox for Windows, to replace Internet Explorer, until such time that I can get my Ubuntu problems resolved. Here is the problem: When I open the Internet Explorer browser and select a website from favorites, such as Google Search, it automatically connects to the Internet using my external modem. When I open Firefox and select a bookmarked website, such as Google Search, it does not make any any attempt to connect, but instead gives the error message: "Server Not Found". Once connected to the Internet (via IE), Firefox works great.

    Am I assuming wrong that Firefox should connect to the Internet via my modem when a website has been selected?

    I have checked the Windows firewall and Firefox is selected as an exception. I have checked connections in Firefox under tools, options, advanced, network. It shows no proxy, which is correct as I do not use a proxy server.

    However, unlike IE, it does not show any connections settings for my IP,

    Am I missing something basic here?

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    Assuming following: You use dialup to connect to the internet. This is kind of OUT OF DATE for quite some time. Maybe you shall contemplate some ADSL or CABLE connection for the internet this comes with "permanent" connection and you do not hit any kind of this problems.

    IE has automatic connection when it comes to dialup. Firefox expects that you have net already started (via ethernet for example). Likely you can start internet without IE if you examine "network connections" somewhere there shall be your modem listed and somewhere under right-click you are likely to find "connect" and you startup modem connection without IE. More or less IE does this for you in the background.

    Second, this is Linux forum, not windows one. So it is somewhat inappropriate to ask windows questions here. Anyhow.

    What is wandering here is that you cannot setup dialup modem that works in windows, to work in linux, unless you really have something very specific you are not mentioning (e.g. some kind of windows-only modem)

    In Linux you shall look for setting up PPP, I am sure that if you have any remotely recent linux system, and you have any kind of standard modem, this shall not be too hard to make working.

    again as at the beginning, there is a plethora of new methods to connect to internet that can solve your connection problem.

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    Sometimes your only internet option is dial-up. Due to economics or availability.

    If you go to Internet Options you should see:
    O Never Dial a connection
    * Dial whenever a network connection is not available
    O Always dial my default connection

    Which is selected? You may need to set it to always dial. The "problem" with that is that any program you run that wants to check for updates or whatever will cause your modem to dial.
    And yes this a Linux forum and No it isn't a Firefox problem it's strictly a Windows problem.

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