I'm kinda new to linux (haven't used it for a little over 5 years), but I have a little hobby project in progress and have a few question.

The Hardware:

  • VIA EPIA NL5000EG nano-ITX
  • Via Luke CoreFussion 533MHz
  • 512MB RAM
  • VIA VT8237R SouthBridge
  • 1GB EDC 4000 44-pin Flash Memory (HDD)

On the above setup I'm trying to install Damn Small Linux. The DOM is installed right on the board on IDE1 as master and nothing installed on IDE0.

The problem is that once the installation of DSL is completed and I try to boot from the DOM I get a GRUB error. I picked the GRUB boot loader while doing the DSL installation.

I can get DSL or even Ubuntu 11.04 installed and boot properly if I had a 10GB 3.5" hard drive on IDE0 as master. I'm not sure what the problem is. I've tried disabling IDE0 to make the BIOs look for boot on IDE1 and that doesn't help. Can the 1GB on DOM be the limiting factor or is there somethin else I should try?

I have also tried doing the minimal ubuntu install and that fails as well when using the DOM. Any help with this will be appreciated.