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    I am a big supporter of debian. You can download the Network install cd from the debian website. It is tiny and then you can select what you want and it will download the rest. The install is a little like the old NT/2000 install of windows. It is free and Ubuntu is based on it. Pretty much anything Ubuntu can do this can as well. It is also very secure and stable. But that is just my opinion.. I have tried alot of distro's and I keep coming back to debian.

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    I am currently in the process of downloading openSuSE. It's going to take about a day to download. I'll keep debian in mind.

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    Note that I've edited your post above because a part of it was in violation of our forum rules. Also, keep in mind that the help we provide to other users is done right here on the forums rather than on any 3rd party chat service.
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    Are you talking about the irc? Can you help me with the memory problem on there later? Free of course, linux users must really like free things.

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    Sorry, I'm not a fan of IRC or instant chat services so don't ever hang out at any of them. Regarding the memory issue... in addition to the method of testing your memory as described in your other thread, you can test it with various utilities, many of which can be installed or run directly from liveCDs, such as the Parted Magic LiveCD. Of course, if your memory is bad and causing bad ISO downloads, you might not be able to create such a liveCD for testing purposes.

    Here's an application quite often used for memory testing that can also be found on many liveCDs, including the one mentioned above:

    Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

    Keep in mind that I'm only guessing bad memory might be causing all your corrupted downloads. There are other things that could be coming into play.

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    Generic advice in this situation is to always check the MD5 sum of the .iso when you have completed the download. The MD5 will be available on the distributions official site. Don't trust any other . You check the MD5 by running
    md5sum filename.iso
    There appears to be a lot of md5 utilities for Windows, but I can't advise on which to use.

    If the MD5s are different, then you either have a corrupted download or an altered image; both are bad and you should download another copy, maybe from a different mirror. If the MD5s match, then you should burn at the slowest possible speed your burner can handle. While I have never experienced this personally, I have seen several bad burns due to speed. These may be due to the quality of the media or a burner or even some dirt on the burner.

    openSUSE is a fine distro which for me just lost out to LMDE.

    Good luck and enjoy your Linux journey.
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    If it is going to take you a day to download openSUSE, I highly recommend trying a torrent. On slower connections I often experience bad downloads/corrupted files. I recommend trying a torrent instead of direct download.

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