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    Is it possible to view the screen state of a process?

    I don't want to know the state (active, zombie, etc.). My question is, is it possible to view a process in action?. How to view a process in the background and check it?

    I hope my question is clear.

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    Hi and Welcome. What's the process that you need to view activity for? If its a daemon you can look at /var/log/messages or /var/log/daemon.log. What ever the process is see if you can increase verbose/debugging either via a config file or as argument.

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    what about ps?

    not sure if that is too obvious though - it reports process information, man it for information. I tend to use "
    ps -ef

    Obviously it doesn't show u the exact status of a process but it shows you its activity and can be useful when used in conjunction with other commands like top for investigatory purposes.

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    Thanks to all.
    I've been thinking in a case of study: When I open a SSH connection to a BSD machine and later I install a port, for some reason the connection is lost and I have to enter some information to finish the installation process. If I can re-connect to the BSD machine with SSH: What can I do to see the installation screen? or, how can I enter the information needed?

    Maybe some playing with BG and FG commands?

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    yes, you could use bg/fg commands to control jobs within your terminal, but you'd be better off using the screen program. Install it, if you don't have it already - should be in your package repos. Then do man screen to see how to use it and report back if you need help using it.


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    I'll take a look to screen + ssh.

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