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    Question Bash Script to monitor screen

    I am in need of assistance. I am rather new to linux and to bash scripting. I have some basic programing knowledge.

    What primary function I would like to accomplish with the script that would monitor a screen, restart the screen if necessary.

    The secondary function would be to shut down the screen once every day, download the file and restart it.

    The three issues I have come across are 1) I do not know how to have the script look for the screen 2) have this happen within a consistent time frame, i.e. every 15min 3) have the script run as a daemon at startup.

    Thank you in advance,

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    What do you mean by "screen"? Is there a program running in a screen, maybe?

    Also, what do you mean by "download the file"?

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    yes, I am running a program as a screen. the program is a server client, the intent of downloading the file is to ensure that it is the most recent version, because the program lacks the ability to update itself. However I can get it to shut itself down by printing the word "stop" within the screen.

    I believe I have the logic down, the coding and syntax is where I am at a loss.

    this is the segmented logic that I have so far and I apologize if this got a bit confusing:
    #variables required for the script
    SCREENNAME=  #Name of the screen that is to be checked
    CHECKTIME= #Time interval between checks
    REFRESHTIME= #Time interval between screen shut down, download and restart
    LAUNCHSCRIPT= #Name of the script that is used to launch the screen
    CLIENT= #the webaddress for the file to be downloaded
    This is where the script will check to see if the screen is running, if it isn't it will run the script I wrote that will run the program under the screen
    #check to see if the SCREENNAME is active
    if  [ $SCREENNAME=false ]
        then (run $LAUNCHSCRIPT)
    This is the part that should stop the screen, download the server client and launch it again
    screen -x $SCREENNAME -X stuff "`printf "Stop \r" #this will tell the screen to shut itself down
    wget $CLIENT #this will download the server client file
    run $LAUNCHSCRIPT #this will restart the screen
    I do believe that I have to use cronjobs to get the timing to work, and that is another place I am at a loss.

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