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    Troubles with Zorin 5 core

    I recently received an install disk in the mail called Zorin OS 5 Core, which is Linux based. Seemed like a friendly system, except the icons and text on the desktop were fuzzy. The seller thought it might be a GPU bug or more likely "Compiz fusion"(3D effects). In any case it looks as though there is interference between the scanning lines on the monitor and the icons. Anyone know how to fix this ? Please keep in mind, I'm not at all advanced with Linux.
    Thanks for your time
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    Hello and welcome!

    I've never used Zorin so I'm not familiar with it at all, but it sounds like you aren't running at the proper screen resolution if graphics and text are fuzzy. I'd check the documentation at their website to see if it gives any instructions for properly configuring the x-server (xorg), installing proprietary video drivers, etc.

    In the interim, maybe some Zorin users will chime in with some specific instructions for you, but I don't recall any of our frequent visitors being Zorin users. If all that fails, you might consider trying another distro such as Mint, or Ubuntu.

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    Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu if I recall correctly, which would impy that there will be a "Hardware Drivers" program on the menu somewhere. It's been a while since I used Ubuntu, but I think it was under System -> Administration -> Hardware drivers. Have a look around for that and if it's there, it should show any proprietary drivers needed. Typically, these will be graphics and wireless drives. If you are running an Nvidia or Ati card you will definitely get better perfomance using the manufacturers drivers.

    Installation should be a simple matter of marking them for activation, at which point they'll be downloaded and installed for you.
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