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    [HELP NEEDED] - Creating a custom linux distro


    I am looking to create a custom Linux distro, but don't know how. I want to make a tiny-core based distro, with java, everything from Beini(google it), sound and video codecs, network adaptors, a media player, hardware information tool. It has to be live(no install) AND an install(option is in menu on live), I want to do this in windows, without an internet connection(assuming I've downloaded everything thing i need from somewhere else). I don't mean install tinycore then use aptget or whatever. Please help me. Oh, and, please feel free to ask as many questions as you want, but remember, i am not looking for suggestions for distros, I am looking to make a completely original/homemade distro. Maybe a few guides, tutorials, links, and straight up advice would be nice.
    So, what i want is, a Linux distro that boots/runs from the disk, can go in any computer and get the max available resolution(widescreen as well), play most video and audio, use .jar applications, see exactly what is in the computer i am using, use any wireless card, use any Ethernet port, add any USB storage device, use my ipod, edit any text document, measure battery level on a laptop, mount hard-drives, browse folders, a terminal that can copy/paste, multiple monitors
    If you are going to suggest distros despite me asking not to, I would suggest these 2 for this (Vesta, Zenwalk).
    Programs i've seen on other distros that i would want this one to have include:
    LSHW Hardware listener
    Open Office
    minidwep-gtk } Beini
    mini-search } Beini
    feedingbottle } Beini
    bib } Beini

    I don't want a complicated desktop thing, so i think tinycore's desktop will do(no gnome or KDE).
    I dont know if you guessed it or not, and 'm not sure how it works, but i want to make no start-up programs, so it stays fast all the time. This includes firmware, say I don't want to load wireless drivers because I know I wont be using wireless networking.
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    Hello and Welcome.
    I'll take a swing at this.
    I can't give you the answers you seek because I have never actually attempted to create my own distro, from what I understand it can be a lot of work.
    I am not trying to discourage you here but there are a few questions to ask yourself or at least I would ask myself.
    1) Do I need to re-invent the wheel to get a good set of tires?
    2) Do I plan to release this custom distro into the wild or is it just something to muck around with?
    3) Have you consider getting a "Spin" of say, Fedora and remove the things you don't want, add the things you do want?
    Spins Support
    4) Have you considered a source based distro such as CRUX, Gentoo or Arch?
    These type of distros come with minimal software and you only add what you want after you manage to get it installed.
    Good luck with whichever path you decide to take.
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    Well, first, thanks for replying!

    Second, Let me reply to your points-
    1) I don't want to reinvent anything, and as far as i can tell, there isn't a distro like this(tinycore with lots of programs)
    2) I plan on using this to (re)learn a lot about Linux, it's not supposed to be an overnight quick fix. I will be using half this distro as a release to the public, but it shouldn't be popular, i will be adding a few programs not listed here(homemade ones I've already made).
    3) Great suggestion, but i REALLY want to use tiny core.
    4)Gentoo is too powerful for some of my computers, but don't have crux or arch(will check them out later). Also check the previous point.
    Third, I asked not to be suggested distros, although Fedora is a nice move
    Fourth, i kinda wanna just add programs to the tinycore, with the option to choose auto-start for some of the drivers
    Fifth, I will only be using this for learning how to build a tinycore based Linux distro, with all the options that would require different coding and learning.
    Sixth, I have 4 different computers, 1 good desktop(x64), 1 good laptop(x86), 1 old desktop(x86), and 1 old laptop(x86). All of these have different screen resolutions(some widescreen), graphics cards(the old desktop doesn't even have 1), sound cards, processors, etc. I want to make a Linux distro that will work on all of them(1 can barely run windows xp), without having to download 4 separate everything every-time.

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