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    Not able to understand the output of w command

    I have taken putty session of a server from two separate machines namely HOST1(3 sessions) and HOST2(1 Session) .
    However w command says there are 5 users

    Confused over the output any clue will be appreciated.

    # w
     09:29:36 up 34 days, 15:48,  5 users,  load average: 0.62, 4.33, 8.16
    USER     TTY      FROM              LOGIN   IDLE   JCPU   PCPU WHAT
    root     pts/17   HOST1    09:18    4:26   0.01s  0.01s -bash
    root     pts/18   HOST1    09:27    1:21   0.00s  0.00s -bash
    root     pts/21   HOST2    09:29    0.00s  0.00s  0.00s w
    root     pts/20   HOST1    09:29    1:39   0.00s  0.00s -bash

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    What does finger tell you? It may be an init bug (see this thread for an explanation and this thread about init). I have a similar issue one of my boxes (Fedora 10).

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    What do you don't understand in that ?

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    The way I don't understand the output is that the top line says 5 users, but then in table displayed beneath it, only 4 users are shown as logged in.

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