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    Question [solved] chown: invalid user problem

    hi all... this is my first time here, hopefully not the last...

    i have a problem with changing file permissions on ubuntu server 10.10

    i was installing asterisk 1.8 to the system. for that i created a user named asteriskpbx and added a group named asteriskpbx under sudoers file. added the user to the group in the group and gshadow files..

    after that, tried:

    $ sudo chown -R asteriskpbx:asteriskpbx /usr/lib/asterisk/

    which returned something like:

    chown: invalid group something something... (i really dont remember)

    after seeing that, i thought maybe users and groups should have different names and changed the asteriskpbx group' s name to pbx in the gshadow, group and sudoers files.

    now the command:

    $ sudo chown -R pbx:asteriskpbx /usr/lib/asterisk/


    chown: invalid user: `pbx:asteriskpbx`

    what should i do to solve this...

    thanks in advance...
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    You should start checking your spelling of the group and user names you've entered. You probably used the user creation tools to add a user and a group, but you should double check them. There should be entries in /etc/group /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow for the users you've created - check that their entries match the other entries in those files.

    Go to a text console and try to log-on as that user (you might have to set a password for them first) - if you can log on correctly then you know the user works. You can delete their hashed password field from /etc/shadow after this if all is well.

    If you can log on as that user, try changing the user and group of a file separately, and without the recursion like this:

    $ echo " " > testfile.txt
    $ sudo chown asteriskpbx testfile.txt
    $ ls -l
    and if that works try
    $ sudo chgrp asteriskpbx test.txt
    $ ls -l
    If either of these fail you'll have an idea where the problem lies - and if they both work then you've probably got an error somewhere else. Give this a try and report back to this thread if it still doesn't work.
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    i didn' t used a user creation tool... i created the user named asteriskpbx from cli... and added the group named pbx through adding the necessary lines to the files below

    spelling is ok....

    from /etc/group file related line -> pbx:x:1002:asteriskpbx

    from /etc/sudoers file related line -> %pbx ALL=(ALL) ALL

    from /etc/gshadow file related line -> pbx:!::asteriskpbx

    i tried the first test for the asteriskpbx user... no problem...
    i tried the second test for the pbx group(which asteriskpbx belongs)... no problem....

    but still no luck with the recursive folder/file permission changes....

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    i' m an idiot... command itself is wrong.... it should have been:

    $ sudo chown -R asteriskpbx:pbx /usr/lib/asterisk/

    not pbx:asteriskpbx

    although it might have something to do with using

    $ sudo groupadd -f pbx

    before trying the right syntax. because when the group name and the user name was the same(both asteriskpbx) it wasn' t working...

    thank you for your answer anyway...
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    There's definitely no inherent problem with matching user and group names. root:root, oracle:oracle, etc.

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    then it has definitely something to do with "groupadd -f"

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