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    Talking Need Help

    Ok first off let me first say thanks to anyone willing to lend a hand. I'm working at a site which has mostly windows machine but there are a couple Linux boxes as well SUSE, red hat, Ubuntu. I have to get the inventory for all the servers in my farm and i need toMac address from the linux boxes is there any way to pull mac address from a linux box while i'm on a windows machine?

    What i'm trying to say is is there a nbtstat for linux?

    Sorry for any confusion and i'm horrible with linux so any help is much apprciated!!!

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    As a OneShot solution(tm) you could use a ssh multiplexer like pssh
    But you would need a suitable base operating system for that. A fedora or ubuntu or <insert unix of your choice>.

    - get a fedora vm or physical machine
    - yum install pssh
    - setup ssh authorized key authentication on your unix machines
    - then
    pssh -h <HOSTLIST_FILE> -o <OUTPUT_DIR> -e <ERROR_DIR> "/sbin/ifconfig"
    A more general approach would be to use "facter" from the puppet system management.
    See at the bottom of this page: Documentation | Puppet Labs - Tools
    Of course, you would need to introduce puppet first, which might be out of your current scope.
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    I use nmap to do this - but you have to be root when you run it, in order to get the MAC output. If my ip was, then I might do:
    nmap -n -sP
    Note, if you have to router-hop to get to some machines, this won't work for them.

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