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    Need some advice on switching to linux server

    Ok, so here is my situation. I have been playing with linux on and off for a little over a year now. I have an old P4 2.0 desktop with 256mb of ram. Im currently running ubuntu 9.04 desktop version on it, but im only using it as a server. I chose the desktop version for fear of not being able to set up the server using only the CLI.

    Now that im a lot more familiar with linux and the ubuntu based commands i think im ready to try out an actual server distro. I have my server set up and working how i want it as of now, on the desktop version, but it can be quite sluggish if i need to do anything to it, not to mention there are some hiccups from it not being an actual server distro.

    So in all, id like to get some suggestions on a server distro that i could hopefully make a smooth transition to. One that will run well on my system specs and if it is based off ubuntu thats a + but not a must. I know the obvious choice would be ubuntu server, but id like to hear some other options as well.

    Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    We actually have a poll that mentions distros for servers. You can take a look at it here:
    I would suggest Debian. Very stable, and you can perform a minimal install on it to lower the amount of system resources used.
    And since Ubuntu is based on Debian, there will be enough similarities there that you should be able to make a fairly smooth transition to it.

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    Sweet thanks alot. I totally forgot about Debian. Ill give that a try for sure. Thanks again.

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    You could also boot your current Ubuntu install into run level 3 which shouldn't start x and the GUI.

    In the file /etc/inittab, look for the line that reads id:2:initdefault: and change the 2 to a 3. This is a permanent change until you edit the file again.

    You can see what run level currently at by using the runlevel command
    sudo runlevel
    and you can switch by running the command
    telinit 3
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    wow thanks for that idea elija! So once i change it to run level 3 it should look and act like the ubuntu server edition would right? Im guessing once i change to run level 3, i could not use the gedit text editor correct? Which is not a problem since i have recently started using debian on a laptop, and have become quite fond of the nano editor.

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