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    I just run "./tcap" and it starts a small application then i pass an integer command (1, 2, 3 etc...) depends on type of action i want to perform. For example 1 for "Output mode options", 2 for "Maintenance Options", 3 for "Entitlements" and so on. You can also see in the attach image.
    For sample i am also attaching screen which appears when i pass input integer 1.

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    okay, so it looks like it reads standard input from the terminal, i guess? I'm not sure this would work if it is a complicated menu, i.e., nested menus. Does this work?
    echo 1|tcap

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    Yes exactly, once you are running the application you can pass standard input from the terminal using keyboard.
    I did try as you suggested. See below:
    [NameofHost ~]$ echo 1|tcap
    -bash: tcap: command not found
    [NameofHost  ~]$ echo 1| ./tcap
    term_init:tcgetattr: Invalid argument

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