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    Smile Top 3 significant difference from a practical user point of view

    What are the *** ~ Top 3 significant difference from a, practical, user point of view, between Ubuntu & Linux Mint ~ *** ?

    Specific links are helpful.

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    Hey, I could see that this is your first post in linuxforums. First of all welcome to this place.
    I dont have any specific links but I've been using ubuntu for a while now. Ubuntu is very user friendly.
    Once i suggested to my friend to use linux. He first used Redhat linux and didn't find it easy. First of all he didn't like its appearance(even when i showed him compiz of Redhat Linux). He was in real trouble while using commands. For every new software to be installed he would call me up as he don't know how to install and where to find them(Windows softwares are a bit easy-We just have to search in google). Then I told him to install Ubuntu(The process of teaching him to install was a headache!). He liked ubuntu very much. It had many graphical tools on installation. He liked the software center of ubuntu where we get almost every single packages to install. When I showed him the compiz fusion of ubuntu he was saying at the top of his voice-"Awesome". I personally think ubuntu would be a good distro for people who are new to the LINUX WORLD.

    I have also used Linux mint just once but I prefer Ubuntu.

    Main difference: Ubuntu is more user-friendly, easy to use linux distro than linux mint.
    Dont know if my answer is perfectly right. This is my personal experience.

    If you want to select a distro suitable for you take the distro quiz. As i cannot post any urls go to google and search distro quiz. Select the first link, that is of zegeniestudios.


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    I have never used Linuxmint, but I am very familiar with Ubunutu. I have also used Fedora and Mandriva, but my distribution of choice is Debian. I cannot speak about Linuxmint, but Ubuntu is not the best choice. Many people talk about Ubuntu and Mint both being "user-friendly," but the term is mis-used in my opinion. I found two main drawbacks with Ubuntu.
    First; it is slow. It takes much longer to open applications than other systems. It takes about a third of a minute to open applications that other systems open in 3 to 6 seconds.
    Second; the Unity desktop involves opening a full-screen menu, clicking an option that opens another full-screen menu (and perhaps the need to open a third), then moving the cursor around the entire screen to finally select the desired application. I do not consider that user-friendly, but many people do, because it is point-and-click.
    Ubuntu and Mint are both Debian derivatives, so have access to a host of Debian packages. So in that regard, they are probably equal. They both also have help fora with a large number of members who can answer questions.
    Finally, the best way to choose a distribution is to down-load and burn discs of several distributions and try them one at a time. You can compare them first-hand and find the one you like best. The Linux Portal and both have reviews and links to various distributions.

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    Hi and welcome!

    LMDE would be Debian based, so I won't talk about that one.
    Linux Mint, however, is Ubuntu based all the way. Ubuntu is quite easy to use, and ready for most computer hardware out-of-the-box. Mint tries to take it a little further with menu options, GUI applications... little details that would make it a little easier for somebody coming over from Windows or Mac. Ya gotta love a familiar GUI.

    Both are very easy to use, and your opinion of which is 'easier' is up to you.
    Really, it's all subjective.
    So use what you think is better. Don't worry about 'easy'.

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    I would say in no particular order:

    Pre-installed software selection
    Future direction of distro
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    1. LM does make things mucho more user friendly, in the layout. Much more intuitive, non ubuntu unity weirdness.
    2. Think LM cares more about quality control and ironing the bugs out than ubuntu does. Ubuntu spits out new bug infested untested releases, ready or not at break neck speeds. Plus appears LM is trying to move away from all the bugs and bloat ubuntu is junked up with, the strange bents canonical likes to go on and moving towards basing off Debian instead.
    3. LM actually does more to warrant some kind of recognition. Whereas ubuntu, is the absolute most overrated, overpopularized gnu/nix distro in the history of Linux.

    Have tried both, Linux Mint was the clear winner out of the two in my view. Ubuntu is bloated, buggy, not overly user friendly and nothing much to speak of in my experience to date with gnu/nix. Though ... don't use or prefer either now and haven't bothered trying LM's Debian stuff as of yet. Much prefer light weight, minimalistic, rock solid stable ... Blazing friggin fast distro's. Though out of the two, if I had to pick or suggest one. Would be Mint all the way. Wouldn't touch ubuntu with a pole.

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    Tried out the Mint a few months back on a slightly older machine (abt 3yrs old), and found it to be "kinda" good looking and easy to understand.
    the reason for the try was my dismay of the Unity thing in Ubuntu , I am still on my dear Ubuntu booting it with "the old style" gnome

    I┤d say the differences are just a taste thing however from the look Mint is kewt but my "feel" is withUbuntu.


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