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    Help! unix server?

    I'm a relative newbie on linux.
    I'm trying to create some sort of server.
    I want to create a ftp server, among many other things later.
    I also want to be able to have a graphical interface, so my mattes can access it.

    Is Ubuntu server a good choice? or are there better choices?

    It 's not going to be handling nothing critical, but i'm doing this to learn a bit more.

    Tks in advance

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    I would say it really depends on what you want to do. If the learning is so that you could one day just into a job then I would say use a distro that is used by most companies. If it is just to learn linux then the sky is the limit.

    Have a look at DistorWatch


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    Quote Originally Posted by high View Post
    Is Ubuntu server a good choice? or are there better choices?
    Hello and welcome!

    You can also take a look at our server poll to see what other members have voted as their favorite distribution for server usage:

    You can add a GUI to your system if you really want/need one.

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    tks a lot.

    I feel i can improve a lot in this area really gettin hands on it.
    I work everyday w unix systems and I'm gettin a special taste when it comes to system administration but i don't got "enough" knowledge when comes to unix systems. (It's not my job either..)

    Got some other projects going and I "need" some server services

    I'm starting with an ftp server to use like data repository and also use it like a media center.

    Also finnishing coding a ws. next step will be hosting it.

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    Just to throw in my 2 cents:

    If you want a server-feel to your OS, then CentOS is a great choice (it is a free Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone).

    But honestly, you can do pretty much anything you want with Fedora, too (which is basically a Red Hat code farm).

    Both include graphical desktops, FTP (and other network-related) servers and media manipulation software.

    The community support for both is great and the repos they have available will leave you with thousands of software choices at your fingertips.

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    Throwing in a third cent,
    Ubuntu will work good too, and are fairly easy to handle to, and the comunity isnt bad there either


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