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    Unhappy I'm Lost Please Help

    Hello. I have 2 hard drives. The first had Windows7 and the second LinuxMint-Debian Edition. I was running a dual boot setup with the grub menu having both Linux and Windows options.

    Well, I decided to try out a new version of Linux so I inserted the live CD and proceeded to install it. Unfortunately, I deleted the Windows partition by mistake. (I wanted only to delete the linux partition as I was going to overwrite it with the new linux version).

    Now my system has and endless startup loop with the POST beep every 10 seconds or so!

    Can I install linux using a live CD? Yes
    Can I Install Windows using recovery CDs? Yes

    But I can't avoid this endless loop once I shut my computer down for the first time.

    Please Help. If you could just tell me how to format my hard drives I think that might help. In Windows, it's just format c:
    I don't know what the equivalent linux command(s) would be!

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    Why did you delete the partition? If you were simply going to install another version of Linux on the same partition, all you had to do was format it during the installation. What is the new version of Linux you are trying to install? I don't understand the endless loop? You mean you can't even access the BIOS? Can you boot your Linux CD? You should have a partition manager as part of the installation CD but since you didn't indicate which distribution you are trying to install, it's hard to tell you where to find it?

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    Unless the files on there aren't valuable to you, I would suggest you use a recovery program such as testdisk to see if you can recover the whole partition or if not, the important files. You can do this from a livecd or you can install the distribution you were going to install anyway on the other disk and do it from there.

    In future, if you have two disks, as you have, better to be safe than sorry: disable or remove the windows disk and add it back later when you're done.

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    It looks like something is wrong with BIOS settings. First Boot Device, Hard disk has no operating system and second boot device is sending restart signal. You can break this loop by entering BIOS settings. If you are not sure which key should be pressed to enter BIOS, check your MotherBoard Manual. F8, Del and Esc keys are common in most machines.

    Set CD/DVD Drive as First Boot Device in BIOS. It will break endless POST loop.

    If files in Windows OS are important then I would suggest you to try recovering partitions. As cynwulf suggested already, use TestDisk to recover partition table. It is available in PartedMagic LiveCD or USB. In case you are planning fresh install, use PartedMagic to create new Partition Structure of your Harddisk.
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