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Thread: VPN info

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    VPN info

    I've just added Linus Mint Debian to an older computer and need to connect to my LAN via VPN.
    My problem is that I cannot find a simple answer to the following:
    I know my SSID, but finding the BSSID is almost impossible. For example:one site (Ubuntu forum) says it is the MAC, another says it's the same as the SSID. And I need to know how to find the MAC clone.

    I know my SSID and the MAC #. Where can I find the BSSID and MAC clone #'s?

    And which number is the BSSID??

    Every site I search wants to tell me what the definition of each is but none just provide a simple and intelligible answer. I'm using a Linksys wireless router.


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    You are using OpenVPN? How is your router configured to tunnel VPN connection requests? What port/host is set?
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    Router config - port / host setting. check your VPN settings,

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    Thanks, but my knowledge doesn't extend this far yet.

    Please forgive my ignorance, but
    Idon't even know how to check my VPN settings.
    "OpenVPN"????? Can you dumb it down for me, please?

    Before, the Linux Mint (and other) distros connected straight to my computer via the USB wireless G adaptor without going through any real rigamorole.

    Is this a peculiarity to Debian or Linux Mint Debian??


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