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    Positional Parameters help

    So I'm learning the shell off of linuxcommand .org and I am stuck on positional parameters, I am stuck here...
    Command line options

    As we discussed before, many programs, particularly ones from the GNU Project, support both short and long command line options. For example, to display a help message for many of these programs, you may use either the "-h" option or the longer "--help" option. Long option names are typically preceded by a double dash. We will adopt this convention for our scripts.

    Here is the code we will use to process our command line:


    while [ "$1" != "" ]; do
    case $1 in
    -f | --file ) shift
    -i | --interactive ) interactive=1
    -h | --help ) usage
    * ) usage
    exit 1

    I tried putting #!/bin/bash on the top to get the bash to run it and also tried putting a file where it says system_page.html but nothing, some elaboration would be great, thanks.

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    What is your question? What are you trying to do? What error message are you getting?

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    Sorry I misunderstood what the lesson was telling me and I figured it out, thanks anyways!

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