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    I want to know how and if I can update my Firefox(3.0.4) on my netbook

    I'm on a Eee PC 900 and sadly I can't post my Linux distro info until I've made 15 posts..

    But I was recently able to update flash player to a more recent version of flash which is 10,3,183,10 in a method I found on the eeeuser wiki via a different forum.

    So I figured that I could probably update my version of FireFox to something a bit more recent than 3.0.4. Can anyone help me with this?

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    You can't post URLs until you've made 15 posts, but you can still post what distro you're using...

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    Sounds like you are running

    If so. Xandros is based on Debian Etch and Xandros repos are pretty much invalid anymore. Your libraries are too old also to run any Modern version of Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome. This gets discussed all the time on EEEPC forums where I am a mod.

    Best you can do with Xandros is
    7. Once in Firefox, select Help »> Check for Updates…
    Since you already installed Firefox 3. I am guessing you accessed Installing Firefox 3 on the EeePC [EeeUser Eee PC Wiki]
    to install Firefox 3 since Xandros came with Firefox 2.

    Be careful how far you update Firefox 3. At a certain version. The last update for Firefox 4 breaks firefox because of Xandros old libraries.
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    As Rokytnji said, Xandros is hopelessly outdated. Your best long-term option is to install a modern Linux distro on your 900. I'm running Debian on mine, but there are certainly others that will work, and it's mostly a matter of personal preference. If I were you, I would install Unetbootin on a Windows computer, and use that to install a Linux distro to a USB drive or SDHC card. You only need 1GB for that. Then boot from the USB drive/SDHC, and install the OS to your SSD. Then you will have access to newer software. It's really not that hard, and there are tutorials all over the net for doing that. Unetbootin makes it fairly easy, since it will let you select the distro you want and download it for you, then burn the .iso to the USB drive for you.

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