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    File transfers from Ubuntu11.04 to XP?

    I have been running Ubuntu for a few months now on my laptop, I successfully transfered 150 gigs of music, video and graphics files from my NTFS formatted portable drive into Ubuntu, and I love using the software. I also have a box I built as a media center PC running XP, Which I would like to transfer my media back into. On my laptop, I reformatted my portable HDD to NTFS in one single partition and copied the media folders from my personal on Ubuntu(WOW that was fast.) The problem arose when I tried to copy paste the folders into my home box running XP. The smaller ones did fine(videos and pictures), but my music folder would not copy and I got an error message from XP saying cannot read from the source or disk. I attempted to correct this by making sure the folder and subs were not read only, but I still get the error screen. I have not found any conclusive help for this on google either, everyone wants to know how to transfer from windows to linux it seems, not the other way around. The reason I am trying to do this is that I would like to be able to use iTunes for syncing my apple devices, as I have not found a reliable surrogate on Ubuntu as of yet, so simply installing Ubuntu on the home box as a dual boot would not solve the problem. (I plan on doing that anyway, It was a 2000$ custom box build with 1.5TB of free space on the HDD's why not?) I appreciate any advice you can give me!

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    Did you unmount the drive before unplugging it from the laptop ... it may have been part way through copying the information to the external HDD. If you still have problems you could always try booting the other PC from a Linux live CD, mount the hard drives and use either cp or rsync to copy information over.

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