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    How do I find tags?

    This is what I have to do:
    Display any lines that contain applet tags (containing '<applet') in the files that end in either .html or .htm under the $HOME/public_html directory. If there are one or more lines then print: "applets". No other output should be displayed. Hint: use >2> and &&

    I entered this command

    find /public_html/index.html: 2<applet

    but nothing happened.

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    You need to look a them man pages for the commands of "find", "xargs" and "grep":

    Assuming it is not a homework assignment here is an example of one of many solutions.
    (find ./public_html/ -name '*.html' -print0 ; find ./public_html/ -name '*.htm' -print0) | xargs -0 grep '<applet'

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