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    login to a server, what happens to a process if I close my terminal?

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to set up some backup scripts and am learning to copy files and directories from one server to another. I started to scp a file between two remote servers (actually im not sure, is a server considered remote if I login to it using ssh and then use my scp command?) and then realized the copying was going to take hours, so I wanted to stop the copy but I dont know what command to issue, or how to gain control of the command line again from the currently running process of the scp. When I close the terminal does the process stop?


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    Yes, the scp will be killed.

    To avoid that, you can use a cronjob. This is for scripts that shall be called at a designated time and without user interaction.
    If you need/want to have an interactive shell, then a common way is to start a "screen" session, call your programs and then detach.

    This page gives a short introduction to screen:
    Linux Screen Tutorial and How To - rackAID
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    Thanks, thats exactly what I needed to know.

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