Just found out about Linux Mint for powerpc yesterday. I tried last night to run the Linux Mint 9.3 live Ppc CD (I burned yesterday from the Linux Mint Ppc website) on a 2004 e-Mac {G-4 (3.3), 1GHZ, 256 KB cache, Memory 1GB, Bus speed-133mz, Memory slot -512 MB}. The disk begins to boot OK and I get a message something to the effect that “initialization was successful”, but next I get a little blue rectangular box titled “ Configure Network” with the options at the bottom…:”Tab moves, Space selects, Enter activates buttons”. But punching any of these yields nothing and the computer is effectively locked at this point and I have to do a hard shut-down. I’ve already re-downloaded and re-burnt a new iso to try again, but beyond that, I’m out of bullets. I do know from trying numerous iso’s of various versions of Xubuntu/Ubuntu for powerpc on this computer that this can be a very “hit-or-miss” process. Some boot, and some just plain don’t. Is there possibly a different mirror I could try? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please remember my newbie status and note that the command line and I are not personal friends. Thanks.