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    Order of command parameters/arguments

    Hi all,
    So Ive seen different things when it comes to command arguments, sometimes people use a "-" before or after the parameter letter and sometimes not. Why is this?

    Also how do I find out if the order of the parameter matters? Is this in the man pages?



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    Depends on the implementation.

    For example, a simple bash script takes arguments only in a defined order, also called positional parameter.

    Here, three arguments are given to 1 A file

    Inside, $1 has the value 1, $2 is A, $3 is file.

    This works. But a more sophisticated approach is to use getopt
    You will notice, that e.g. the order of arguments does not matter anymore.

    And yes. In doubt, a man page will tell how a tool shall be used.
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