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    Linux Beginner Query...which distro to install?... programming help

    I am a beginner in Linux and I would like to know the following:

    1. Which distro is good for a beginner? How to install Ubuntu using VirtualBox, I do not want a dual boot with my Win7 x64?

    2. Also, can I get some suggestions regarding learning resources for programming or scripting(if it is the same) in C/C++ on Linux platform? (I already know the linux commands but have never programmed in linux, also I am thorough in C/C++ programming)


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    Go to and do a search for beginner distro's. You will receive a list of what are consdiered good distro's for beginners, and can try them out as live cd/dvd's to see which one appeals to you most. ubuntu, Mint, and debian are usually good starting places for new people. Have fun with linux, and see which one you like best.
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    To install Ubuntu in VirtualBox:
    For scripting, see here: Bash scripting Tutorial

    New users, read this first.
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    If you want to program on Linux, you might want to read these two books: Basics of the Unix Philosophy , and

    If you are going to use Ubuntu, you might want to install these:
    and openssh-client (needed by git-core)

    Note: NOT ALL of these are needed to program on linux, however I do recommend them all.
    You might also want to set up a github account (link here) so that you can easily make open source projects available to the public (this is why you would install the "git-core" package).

    There should be instructions on github on how to set up an account and start using the git tools.
    If you don't understand any of their instructions then just use the forums to find answers.

    good luck!

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    In Ubuntu, the package build-essential will install all the development headers and compilers
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