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    Changing YUMI.png file in pendrivelinux

    Hey guys I made a bootable USB with Yumi and I wanted to change the picture of the penguin to something else. I made a new one, saved it as PNG and replaced the picture but when I boot with the usb I get the boot screen but its all black. No penguin and not the picture I added in.

    Anyone know how to successfully change the yumi.png file so that the picture will actually show up?


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    Did the dimensions of the new image match the original YUMI.png?

    I matched mine just in case (640x480px) as I remember.

    But the only problem though is that the original YUMI+Penguin still shows up in the menu whenever you are choosing whether to boot from hard disk or to choose a distro to boot from, and that your custom image will only show up after the fact you wanted to boot from a installed distro.
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    Did you change the line for the png image in whichever boot file YUMI uses? Simply replacing the original image with a new one won't do anything. More detail on what you did might help someone give you more information.

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    I did change or add the line "menu background <filename>.png" to every config file in the following directories/files (which are the only ones you need to change):

    (the main menu)
    (the distro selection menu)
    /multiboot/(distro name)/
    (Depends on the distro - may or may not have a CFG file - check your installation folders. Some distros come with their own boot background)

    But that's the long way - I think it would also work if you overwrite the original YUMI.png with whatever your image is - as all of the bootable config files are automatically tied to it (although I haven't tried it), as long as it's the same resolution as the original YUMI.png, and provided you haven't changed anything in the config files yet.
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