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    What distro for server

    I want to setup a Linux Server on Win7 / Virtual Box for developmet/testing (LAMP, JavaScript). I am gonna need the following programs installed:

    Ioncube loader

    I know that choice comes down to:

    Red Hat
    Ubuntu (somebody told me not to get this one because root is disabled by default, and that it can be changed but it is not recommended)

    I also need to figure out if I need to connect from Win7 to Virtual Box Linux through something like Putty within the same computer. I read somewhere that I need two separate computers or a network card for something like that.

    Thank you.

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    Hello and Welcome.
    We have a poll here to get the best results. We get this question often so these opinions might help you form your own.
    Keep in mind, 3 of your choices are RPM based distros. Fedora, Redhat and CentOS. The other 2 are Debian. You might have a look at some of the other suggested distros also.
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    If you know what the sites are going to run on, I'd recommend trying to match that environment.
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    Well in my experience anything redhat based would be good for servers and since your running it in a virtual machine you want something that is more lightweight for RAM reasons try centOS thats what my server runs off

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    For me in order
    1- RHEL
    2- debian
    3- centos
    - ubuntu server

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    If you go the RHEL route, be sure to check out the EPEL repos, as it may have some packages you want that won't be in the RHEL repos.

    You can also go with Fedora b/c you can easily make a server out of it, as it has pretty much every software package available to it (that you care about) that comes with RHEL, plus Fedora repos are way huger than RHELs.

    You may as well go w/CentOS, instead of RHEL (as CentOS is binary compatible w/RHEL) btw, unless need tech support and want to pay for it.

    If the Linux VM is on your Win 7 machine, then yeah, you can use Putty to connect to your Linux VM (via SSH). Or install cygwin on your Win 7 box for a more fully featured Linux-ish environment.

    Considering what you want to do, IMO I'd go w/F15.
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