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    The wubi installer installs Ubuntu as a program inside windows. Can you boot into both Ubuntu and windows? Are you using the Ubuntu Grub bootloader to boot? or are you using the windows bootloader?

    If you were able to access windows files from Ubuntu previously and can not now, something must have changed. I'm not really familiar with wubi and how it works but I assume something must have changed recently so that you are no longer able to access files on windows??

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    I am no expert on wubi or linux for that matter so what i am saying could be wrong. But Is it possible since wubi installs ubuntu inside of windows that you cant access the files because it is more less just another directory in windows? i know that doesnt sound very well thought out i am trying to find the right way to convey my message. Have You went to the file manger and looked at all the drives mounted? i suggest instead of running wubi boot ubuntu from the cd and install it along side of windows instead your going to be able to see your files and get access to your windows partition

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