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    Red face C drive files not accessible

    Hi everyone,
    I am completely new to linux, I have the following version

    DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 11.04"

    Few days back I was able to access all my C: drive documents and files. But now after I logged it into after a month or more I am not able to open any of the files in my c drive.

    I have installed ubuntu, by clicking the iso file.
    Kindly tell me how can I access them back.


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    Linux Guru Cabhan's Avatar
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    I'm afraid I don't entirely understand.

    Linux has no concept of a C: drive. Are you referring to files that had been created under Windows?

    Are you dual-booting? This means that you have Windows and Linux installed at the same time.

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    Sorry I didn't clarify about my system.
    Yes, I am having 2 operating systems.
    By C drive, here I meant I am not able to access, my windows' files and documents.
    Kindly help me out.

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    Linux Newbie champ_weller's Avatar
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    have you mounted the windows partition? do you know how to mount your windows partition? do you have wine installed?

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    No, I didn't mount the windows partition. I do not know how to mount the windows partition.
    As I mentioned, I operated ubuntu by ISO file.. I didn't create swap memory.
    I am able to access windows, I do not know when I could not access files from Ubuntu. It all just happened suddenly!

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    Did you install Ubuntu using the wubi installer?
    Do you have Ubuntu installed on a separate partition?
    How are you trying to boot Ubuntu, using the windows bootloader? Using the Ubuntu bootloader?

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    Linux Newbie champ_weller's Avatar
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    or when you say you ran it as a .iso do you mean you are running it on a virtual machine?

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    ubuntu is installed using wubi installer, its not in a separate partition, its using windows loader to boot.

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    How many partition u already had..!! and where did u allocated space for ubuntu..??

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    I have 2 partitions.
    As I had used wubi installer, space is automatically allocated to Ubuntu, I guess.
    I didn't make any other partition for it.

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