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    Linux booting directly into a software

    I didn't know where to post this, so I did it here - since i'm a newbie and all...

    Well, i'm looking for a way to to load directly into a software, without having to load into a full desktop environment. My goal is to take this old machine and turn into a kind of typewriter, with no distractions aside from the word processor.

    Is there anyway to do that?

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    Ok lets see If i can get this right. You wont to boot into a linux distro (can you tell me what distro you are using?) and then you have the word processor on the screen and thats it no desktop environment? I do not know how to do this but i am trying to get more info out of you so someone who knows how can help you

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    Let us know what the "old machine" is, too.

    And yes, there is surely a way to do what you want in Linux, once we understand better what it is you want to do.

    Sounds like you want a basic text-only Linux install, with a console-based editor - very doable.
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    Sorry for not explaining what I wanted clearly, allow me to rephrase:
    What I want is a OS with no desktop environment and that instead of going to the command line interface, it would open directly a word processor.

    The computer will probably be a pentium III, with 256MB of ram and a small HD.
    I'm thinking of using micro core linux, but any fast booting distro would do.

    Although I am a noob, I do have basic knowledge in linux.

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    You'd still need a minimal X server running, to host the word processor app. But you could certainly customize the distro to do what you need - that is the beauty of Linux. There are probably some distros out there that would be more amenable to what you are trying to do than others. Not familiar with micro core linux. Most any modern Linux distro is quite fast, too. Just make sure you are using a modern kernel and be familiar with the init process of the system (so that you can rip out what you don't want/need).

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    If you just want text editing (with spell checking optionally) in a text mode (non-gui) environment, this is doable. You install a text mode operating system (no X server) and set up the /etc/profile file to start up your preferred non-gui text editor such as vi/vim, emacs, etc. /etc/profile is executed for all users on login. Also /etc/.bash_profile will be as well, so if you want some users to have additional privileges, you can tweak it that way. Details are the subject of further discussion...
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    I managed to partially do what I wanted using slitaz, running it without a desktop environment. I'm still trying do it with micro core - it boots in under 7 seconds.

    Thanks for everyone that helped =)

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