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    Post Install Windows Via Linux

    Hey there guys,
    I'm quite new to Linux so I'm not sure where to start with this problem but here is it ...

    Currently I have a server, that is controlled remotely (using RDP). The provider of this servers allows Linux (many distro's), CentOS, solaris and Windows server 08.
    Now all of them are free apart from windows which is a monthly cost additionally.
    Now I have a version of Windows on CD and wanting to install this remotely without any interaction with the unit it's self.

    So if I was to have them setup linux is there anyway of managing the install of this?

    At first I thought I'd be able to use virtualization to install the OS on a shared drive between my computer and the server (which through testing i've been able to do) and then change Linux's boot lilo to boot from that but I've no idea on how to go about that or if it's possible in linux to change that.

    Thank you

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    You can use that CD to install Windows in a virtual machine. Do you have permissions to create a new VM on this host/server?
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    Hi there Rubberman,
    Yes I'm able to create a VM on the server, but the problem with that is that I'd still need a way of making that the default boot OS without BOIS level with remote desktop access.

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