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    VNC Server: Running as Root Vs User

    Hi All,

    I was setting up VNC server for RHEL 5.5 and ran into an "interesting" outcome. I'm not sure if this is expected:

    Now, all works as expected *if* I run vncserver as one of the users:

    <user1># vncserver
    When I run nestat -an | grep 5801 I see:
    tcp        0      0    *                   LIST
    OK, all good. Now, if I want to run vncserver as root to run connections for all users, vnc will start a separate connection for each, however I see this in netstat:

    <root># /sbin/service vncserver start
    tcp        0      0    *                   LIST
    tcp        0      0    *                   LIST
    tcp        0      0    *                   LIST
    Now, I can connect via an ssh tunnel, however I am wondering why I cannot simply connect over http? It seems to revolve around VNC running on as the user and as root. I checked through the VNC config files, but I do not see anything that specifies to run it one way as a user and another way as root.


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    Found my issue!

    I had the /etc/sysconfig/vncserver file set with the "-localhost" option for VNCSERVERARGS. After I removed that, I have a full http connection on each server.

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