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    Cannot update Java, need to update Ubuntu?

    I have been told that I need to update ubuntu to 11.10, I am currently running 10.04. How do I get there? Is there an idiot proof step by step guide somewhere? When I run the update manager it says 12.04 is availible but not 11.10.

    Also, if I am completely off base and can update Java to the newest version some other way please let me know.

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    Dont know if there is like a "for dummies" solution, but the best way I can recommend is to istall galternatives (sudo apt-get install galternatives), separately download the linux version of java from oracle site.

    install java on some path (./myjavainstaller.bin), then launching galternatives you see a list of entries of many programs that can configure, search for the java related entries, and just add a new entry with your path and set the priority higher to make the system use it.

    Hope it helps, regards

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    Try going to this address: How to update your java version on Linux. Linux tutorial. - YouTube to update java.

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    If you are running Ubuntu 10.04 (ie: Ubuntu version 2010, April release), then you will need to upgrade sequentially first to 10.10, then 11.04, then to 11.10.
    This is done on 10.04 via Settings -> Administrator -> Update Manager.

    The upgrades should update all existing modules, including the Java ones.

    One note of warning, if you prefer the look and feel of 10.04, then think carefully before you do the final upgrade to 11.10.
    The 11.10 upgrade will permanently change the default desktop to the newer Unity one. Google some screenshots first, etc, to get a look at it.
    If you want to keep the "Ubuntu Classic" look and feel, then don't do the final 'upgrade', only the regular security updates.

    "When I run the update manager it says 12.04 is availible but not 11.10"
    It seems you know already how to get the Update Manager working, but I am not sure what you mean by "12.04".
    The updater work sequentially, so you will have to go through a few hours of updates before you can get to the latest.

    Hope this helps.

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    What kind of CPU do you have? Is the reason you need to update Java is that you tried to install the jre and jdk and that failed? That would likely be a problem with the 10.04 build of Ubuntu, which is the last version which supports 586 processors - all later versions are built for 686 and above cpu's. But either the jre or jdk or both for 10.04 have been built for only 686 cpu's. I recently filed a bug about this on Launchpad. In that case, you're stuck as far as Ubuntu is concerned.

    Debian 6 will work. I just went through replacing 10.04 Ubuntu with a 6. version of Debian on a 586 system - that's the latest stable Debian. The main problem is that Firefox is replaced with a special version called "Iceweasel", due to some copyright issues with the logo and so forth.

    If that's not the problem with your system, you will have to update version by version, as was described above. I concur with the warning about the desktop in 10.10 - it's very different. You have the choice of using the new desktop(s), changing to xubuntu or kubuntu, or trying another distro which stays with Gnome 2.x for a while. But the Gnome project is going to stop supporting that in the near future, so that all Linux distros, along with the BSD versions, will have to change.

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