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    OS'less using puppylinux via flashdrive

    Is there anyway i can install ubuntu to my pc...a buddy of mine attempted to install ubuntu on my pc during installation it asked to backup windows i said hell no well it backfired and there was a problem installing it and now im stuck running puppylinux via flashdrive we tried to install ubuntu through a flashdrive but we kept getting that one error when trying to boot from a flashdrive... does anyone know of a way i could install ubuntu onto my pc through puppylinux (that ios running off flashdrive...
    im thinking the rason it wouldnt run through the flash is because my pc is a from 2004 to 2005 i believe and maybe they weren't capable of starting up an os through FD but then again im running puppylinux on one so i dont know any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Whats up Doc?

    Computer Specs Please.

    i said hell no well it backfired and there was a problem installing it
    What version of Ubuntu? What was the problem? Details please.

    getting that one error
    exact message of error needed also.

    I mention specs because Ubuntu 11.10 Gnome 3 has some major requirements for hardware.
    I mention errors and Details because we can not mind read here and we weren't there to look over your shoulder.

    Puppy probably runs ok because it does not require major high end hardware to run.

    While in Puppy also. Post the contents of

    fdisk -l
    that is a lower case L next to dash. You can get the readout from terminal in Puppy. Just highlight text if urxvt terminal and use middle click if external usb mouse or hit right and left click simultaneously to paste fdisk -l readout in next post.

    Howdy and Welcome Doc. Happy trails, Rok
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    ok it will take just a sec and i understand noone was there looking over my back so how could they know blah blah blah...i just had to get the question out somehow seems like a rather unique problem (hard to word) i dunno jmo

    im on a laptop and this is for a pc i have lemme start er back up i just tried one more time following unbuntu instructions and still get "boot error" my buddy says hes done this before and its strange but we did also wipe the harddrive so im os'less this is a little outta my league as im brand new to linux def appriciate the help your offering though

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