Hi I'm new here and not sure if this is the right place to post this, but in the past years I've switched on and off between windows and linux (various distros including opensuse, ubuntu, fedora)

Recently I've been reading about setting up Xen virtualization and how it supports GPU Passthrough where I could give my windows virtual machine full access to my GPU so I could run linux (and windows) at the same time and still run games properly.

Now if I understand correctly you either need to install XCP or a Linux distro which supports Xen. First off which is the better option, to use XCP and Host Linux and Windows on it.

Or use a linux distro with Xen built in. Second question, does the newest version of Fedora (Fedora 16) support Xen? I know for a while Fedora stopped supporting Xen.

And before anyone goes any further yes I believe my CPU supports AMD-V (I have an A8 3850) and I have 8 gigs of ram which should be sufficient.

Also something I've wondered for a while, what specifically makes a linux distro and enterprise OS. Like what could you do on CentOS or Redhat that you couldn't on Fedora? Or is it mainly commercial support and packages?

Thanks in advance for any/all answers!

EDIT: Also would it be worth taking another look at Linux From Scratch?