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    Question Basic Programs for Linux

    Im using Fedora and Im wondering how will I play my flac files and my 1080p movies ( Ill google my self but I want to hear your experience with linux and the tasks Im trying to perform, there are sure a lot of soft for this tasks but Im asking in your opinion)

    Basically Im looking for :

    -Word Proccesor,Presentation,etc (open office, latex, I dont clearly understand the difference between these two)
    -Flac,Mp3,etc Player (Maybe tell me wich one is the lest cpu consumer cons and pros preferably with a GUI)
    -Video Player
    -Codecs for linux for the Video player ( or does the video player have the codecs already ?)
    -Something similar to Playonlinux but for software (there are some softwares I really liked to install but are only on windows)
    -Web Browser(chrome,firefox,etc, wich one is better or less cpu consumer)

    Thanks in advance, tell me your experiences with the soft you use for those tasks.

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    I have never use Fedora before but I have heard that it dose not come with codecs. If your not familiar with Linux "Linux mint" might be a better option for you it comes with codecs.
    Iv'e always liked vlc for a media player Playonlinux uses Wine so install Wine. if they are old DOS programs you can use dosbox. It's best to try to find a native Linux program to use rather than using Wine. Fire Fox will use less cpu than Chrome will.

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    Thanks for the answers, I guess I shouldve read the fedora documentation first

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    I recommend Chrome for all new installs. Firefox has gone to crap, it used to be stable, but now is extremely buggy.

    I recommend installing Chrome directly from Google, and updating yourself. Web browsers and repositories don't mix.

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    Everyone's experience will be different as I'm going to almost universally disagree with mizzle (no offense) but I hate Chrome on Linux, I use Opera and I get it from the repos. Firefox is a fine alternative, I use it as a secondary browser also from repos.

    As for switching distros, Fedora is a fine distro and good for new users, Ubuntu or Mint are equally good. I don't think there is a need to switch. Installing codecs

    Home - Autoplus

    Wine is okay, I would recommend really googling for alternatives. I use Wine for one program (Picasa) and even then, I'm tempted to ditch it for an alternative picture browser because it sucks and is bulky.

    Libreoffice will be the choice for word processing etc...

    Vlc is solid
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    To install multimedia codecs take a look here. Install VLC as a multimedia player as it supports many formats. Fedora ships with Libreoffice (openoffice fork) and Calligra (if using KDE) for word processing etc. I prefer Chrome/Chromium. You can install the Chrome RPM on Fedora or use the prebuilt zipped package for Chromium which is available from here.

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    My favorite video player for hi def .mkv playback is UMPlayer.

    In Ubuntu, at any rate, you need to install ffmpeg and configure your players to enable gpu acceleration to get maximum performance.

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    There are unofficial codecs for DVDs and many Video files on livna and rpmfusion that respond well on fedora.

    As for office work and web browsing fedora's offical repository has many programs to choose from libreoffice, koffice, "gnome office" and on the webbrowsing end firefox comes preinstalled i believe as the default GUI browser but there are others like links and Chrome.

    However for the playonlinux aspect i so far have not found a suitable platform to run windows 16 / 32/ 64 bit programs to my liking except for VMware and a windows install which ofcourse comes with a whole other set of problems.

    Also LaTeX is a verson of TeX which is applied as a markup language to make vector graphics images and documents where as openoffice is a line of office products decendents of Sun Microsystems staroffice program which includes LaTeX plugins to add LaTeX functionality.

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    VLC is really good. It will play almost everything.

    XBMC is a good all in one media center. I really like how it will scape movie info and give you detail about all your movies and tv shows.

    For the web I like chrome.

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