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    I said it before and I will say it again. Your willingness to mentor is outstanding.

    One of the issues I am dealing with is I have a non computer related day job so when I get home to toy around with my computer I am either too tired or I am stuck on trying to learn a new computer concept.

    I am starting to value the type of information a IT major in college learns in college while taking a networking class.

    My plan this evening is to brew a large pot of coffee and set focus on the tutorial for building a web server.

    What I have been doing in the meantime is I:

    cd /home/animaguy/Desktop/
    yum list all | tee listall.txt
    yum grouplist | tee grouplist.txt

    I copy and pasted in an open office spreadsheet. My reasoning is I wanted to be able to compare the default installed programs of a clean install so that I can keep accountability of all programs as I install and remove. I used a Desktop iso for the install and at this time no programs have been installed and removed.

    Eventually I want to reverse engineer and learn to remove unnecessary programs until I reach the command line and I have no GUI desktop. Installing the minimal installation iso and starting off with no GUI desktop is currently above my skill set. FYI, there are over 5000 individual default packages installed on the Desktop iso of CentOS 6/64-bit. And that is not including the Group packages.

    My next step is to follow the directions from the web server tutorial.

    When I get to the virtual host. I will copy the httpd.conf so that I have the default.

    I still do not know the proper way to manually configure the network settings so I will stay with the default network configurations, of which the Desktop PC used for the server is online and connects automatically to the router without any manual configurations of the network.

    Also I now have access to the settings panel of my router in the event I need to extract information from there for setting up the server.

    I am not as concerned about security for now because the ip address is dynamic and I am probably just going to put up a default wordpress site for starters and I regularly log out and I have not gotten into the habit of saving anything confidential on any of my online computers.

    I have a time warner broadband service with a dynamic dns.

    I have purchased the domain via

    it is currently pointing to which is supposed to help with the dynamic dns issue. i know how to quickly point it back to if necessary.

    another blogger mentioned that I may consider downloading and installing DDCLlient which is a program that supposedly helps with the dynamic dns issue however it was mainly used on CentOS 5.x. I still do not know for sure if it works on CentOS 6.x versions.

    and when I get to the virtual host section of the and I have copied the default httpd.conf file I will immediately post on this thread and wait for further advice.

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    Quick update.

    I set up a custom system for listing all packages on a Centros distro. I do not know if there is a faster and more efficient method but my method is pretty fast considering the default desktop 6.3 contains over 1000 installed packages and over 5000 readily available via yum install.

    Since I am not formally trained as a server admin I think it is important for me to develop an understanding of the structure of CentOS so that I can customize the finished Server to meeet the needs and purposes.

    I plan to keep this thread active till the server is online.

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    Sorry for the delay in my response. How are you doing with this one? I do agree that the best way to learn is to simply do it and break it and then fix it. However, following how-to's is the best way to get started. If you want some more help, please just let me know. Thanks

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