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Thread: crontab help

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    crontab help

    I want to run 4 scripts (scr1-scr4) in following way:

    scr1: every first Thursday 02:30 every month
    scr2: every second Thursday 02:30 every month
    scr3: every third Thursday 02:30 every month
    scr4: every fourth Thursday 02:30 every month

    How will the crontab look like ?

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    I think the easiest way will be to make a 5th script that calls the others based on a set of variables in a text file.
    Since there will occasionally be 5 Thursdays in 1 month, you'll need to check for that 5th Thursday.

    Set that 5th script to run every thursday at the appropriate time.

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    OK - seems the right way to go

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