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    Fedora 17 KDE Desktop Effects

    Hello, i am 1 week Fedora 17 user so there are so many things i don't understand yet ; )

    The one of those, ofcourse just for my pleasure, is Cube which doesn't work.

    Though its too difficult to me to get Compiz on my F17 i tried Desktop Effects. I have found that there is a Cube option. I have applied, enter Configuration, checked that to open i have to CTR+F11 - great, looked cool.
    But doesn't work, doesn't do anything.

    At the moment i have 7 activity desktops (ehh i dunno how to delete the last one.. was just playing and added 1 more) and it's not working anyway.

    Thank you for patience.
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    FC17 == bleeding edge. Not everything works as designed... Go visit the fedora user forums and post your question there. They will probably know what to do.
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    Whenever I have experimented with KDE, I've had trouble with the effects regardless of which version and distro I have been running. They seem to need an almost ridiculously powerful graphics card and KDE won't enable effects your card can't handle. For example, on my laptop I have Intel Graphics which handles nearly all Compiz effects without breaking a sweat, the exception being motion blur which makes me feel ill anyway. Using KDE, all I can have turned on is shadows and a few other basics. Not even wobbly windows. And the laptop gets physically hot from trying to keep up!

    KDE will give you a discrete message when an effect has not been enabled.

    @Rubberman: I recently moved from LMDE to Fedora 17 as I had the urge to try some up to date software. The XFCE and LXDE versions have been completely stable and given no issues at all. This is the first time that Fedora has worked for me since Fedora Core 7!
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